About Multi Plus Zorg

Multi Plus Zorg maintains a multicultural approach and focuses on hard–to-reach adolescents and (young) adults with learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities, behavioural problems, psychiatric disorders and / or delinquent behaviour. They don’t fit into the mainstream mental health care system and are often rejected there. Upon admission to Multi Plus Zorg the (young) adults are removed from society, they’ve dropped out of school, are coping with high debts and have little or no prospect of a paid job.
Our goal is to teach the adolescents / young adults to become more self-reliant in society. This includes stimulating daily routine, meaningful daily activities or work, healthy interaction with others, social network, teaching them to efficiently deal with the problems they encounter and housing. Beside that we aim to reduce aggression and prevent recidivism.
We work with the adolescent / young adult to help them discover their talents and to develop their specific skills which they will require later on in life.
What makes Multi Plus Zorg powerful is that we offer demand-based care and we pay close attention to the specific individual requests for help from which we can provide support in several areas. The (young) adult steers his or her own process.
At Multi Plus Zorg the young adults have one main mentor who understands the problems the young adult is dealing with. The mentor has extensive experience in working with the particular type of problems that are very common for this target group. They are familiar with the field, the challenges and the opportunities. The management and staff act as role models and offer a different frame of reference. Multi Plus Zorg works with psychologists, special educators, therapists and social care workers.

Our care supply

Multi Plus Zorg provides residence and daytime activities aiming to make our (young) adults self-reliant in society, reduce aggression and prevent recidivism. Multi Plus Zorg additionally provides counselling, family counselling and treatment.


Multi Plus Zorg has several projects, all aimed at providing perspective. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove the adolescent / young adult from their familiar surroundings. To achieve this, we have temporary places such as for example the Veluwe or abroad. We also offer projects in the field of sports and creativity to help young people express their emotions in a positive way. Our daily activities also include several projects which aim to improve our (young) adults’ employability skills thus enabling them to contribute to society.